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Welcome to Shroom Productions Website. In here, you'll find some very interesting music that will shed more light on the history of Texas Music and beyond. All of our releases are made available here for the first time ever, no reissues unless it is clearly stated as such! Starting with our already legendary first release, HANDS, we commited ourselves to discovering lost sounds and revitalizing them for release on compact disc. Be sure to check out our samples, and feel free to offer any comments and/or suggestions, your imput is greatly appreciated. Also, Shroom will gladly listen to any submissions of your own music for possible release on our label.

The seed was planted when I was thirteen years old and was taken to my uncles' recording studio in Houston. ACA Studios was one of the most famous studios in Texas, established in the late 40's and gaining notoriety for it's track record of cutting so many classic blues tracks by the likes of Sonny Boy Williamson, Gatemouth Brown, Lightnin' Hopkins, Freddy King, Johnny Winter, Albert King, Johnny Copeland and a bunch more. While there, I was impressed with all the gadgets and doodads, the blinking lights everywhere, the impressive tape archive, and most of all I was impressed with all the long-haired musician types streaming in and out and all the great music emanating from the huge studio A suite. Little did I know at the time that my uncle, Bill Holford, would play a crucial role in the turning point that my life would take many years after that day in the studio.

Much later, that early fascination would unfold as I was drawn into music more and more. I even formed my own group in 1990 named Comatoast and played around Houston for five years. It was a thrill to play in front of people and my love for music was deeply embedded. I started to realize, through friends and fellow music lovers, that there was a completely different world of music out there.

Istill love the classics; Led Zep, Yes, Rush, Beatles, Hendrix, Dylan, Floyd, Stones, etc. But now I am digging Toad, King Crimson, Culpeppers Orchard, Museo Rosenbach, Semiramis, Andromeda, Hairy Chapter, Guru Guru, Agitation Free, Banco, De De Lind, Osanna, Garybaldi, Bacamarte, Crucis, Il Balleto Di Bronzo and a whole bunch of other underground champions of progressive, psyche, and what not.

Later still, I realized that there was a bunch of as yet undiscovered music from the past. Unsung heroes who's work has remained hidden from the world's ears for decades. My first release was the seminal HANDS, a project that came about through my own family! I remembered going to Dallas with my mom and my step dad, Russ Parker. His son Steve played the bass in a progressive rock band and they had just released a 45, this was 1978. I thought it was so cool! My stepbrother in a rock band! Two decades later, I am producing the band HANDS. What an amazing series of events.

Now, in 2003, Shroom is going strong. We have a slew of great titles ready to be born, and the future of these lost classics is looking quite nice. We have just released our newest CD, Arabesque. This band came from a working class suburb of Pittsburgh and were around from 1973 - 1980. The music is adventurous and complex in the style of early Genesis, Happy The Man and a healthy dose of Camel, Caravan or National Health. Stop and check out a sound sample at our News page. Have fun!

Richard S. Patz
Founder Shroom/Angelwing Click Here For My Story